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By its warm and functional nature, the main or secondary entrance to your home reflects your preferences, whether your home is English or French style, rustic, heritage or contemporary. The wooden door highlights your hospitality and enhances the charm of your property. Both robust and of exceptional build quality, it gives you years of comfort, calm and withstands the marks of time.

Fene-Tech is the exclusive dealer for doors and windows
Fene-Tech is the exclusive dealer for doors and windows

Are you going to build your house or do you want to renovate? Your interior design needs a refresh and you have had enough of the classic door when you walk into your living room. Choosing a door can change your interior, but also your exterior. The wooden doors have a certain charm. Doors are decorative items as well as essential elements in your home. A beautiful door can change the atmosphere of the room. The type of door is important in the aesthetics of your home.

Wood is a noble material with many qualities:
  • Thermal performance.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Timeless.
  • Good quality.
  • Large choice of aesthetics.
  • Modular.
  • Warm.
It offers an aesthetic that will adapt to your needs, whether you like contemporary, traditional or modern design. Everything is possible. Woodworking offers great possibilities so that you can have the modern door of your dreams. It is not because you choose this material that you will not be able to choose designer interior doors.



  • Solid wood
  • Stable, durable and of excellent strength
  • Double weatherstripping to ensure excellent waterproofing at all levels
  • 1 5/8 ″ solid astragalus with weatherstripping
  • Solid wood, laminated box, no jointed parts
  • Laminated door to prevent warping
  • Concealed tenons and mortises to maintain a classic look


  • Choice of Western Red Cedar, White Oak or Mahogany.
  • Wide choice of hardware on request
  • Interior or exterior opening on request
  • Door heads with certain geometric shapes also available
  • Available on request, standard profile or custom
  • Availability: Low-E with or without argon gas, tempered, laminated, or any other glass option
  • All our French doors are custom made

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