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Warmth and strenght, a combination of PVC and aluminium, your choices of color.

A little more expensive, the aluminum window still offers some good advantages. It allows larger openings, adapts to different types of projects, offers thinner frames for better visibility outside and lets in light in addition to delivering good energy performance. Because of these good features, aluminum windows are popular in the residential, commercial, institutional and office building categories

Hung window
Hash window
The GUILLOTINE window slides vertically and also offers a large possibility of ventilation. Useful and safe for windows overlooking for example a balcony or a terrace without risk of injury on the shutter on the outside. Today the window is designed to move the panels vertically in addition to pivoting and to facilitate cleaning, like the sliding window. It exists in single or double version. The double version allows hot air to exit from the top while fresh air circulates in the lower opening.

The SLIDING window is a window with single or double horizontal sliding panels that has been used a lot in Quebec. It offers a quality of vision outwards without obstruction. This type of opening allows maximum air entry, and all at a low price. Today, the sliding panels are made of thermally sealed glass like any other type of window and are fitted with a latch system used to remove the panels for easier cleaning. This option is quite common in more recent constructions, because it allows you to open the window halfway for ventilation. Sliding windows are a great simple option, easy to open and easy to maintain.


  • Pure white PVC profile
  • Aluminum extruded outside assembled by screws at the four corners
  • Integrated “J” moldings for easy interior finishing
  • Sealed unit with double sealer
  • High performance midsole
  • Energy efficient Low-E Argon thermos
  • Meets the requirements of NAFS-08 or CSA A440 Canadian supplement.


  • Choice of frames
  • Choice of exterior moldings
  • Choice of exterior colors
  • Choice of interior finishes
  • Choice of tiles
  • Choice of surface barrotins
  • Choice of high performance glazing
  • (double glass or triple glass)
  • Choice of configurations
  • Possibility of adding an opening limiter


Windows are a great way to add color to your interior. That said, windows add a unique touch to your home, both inside and out.

Investing in good quality, aesthetic windows is a great way to transform your home. What's more, windows are a real asset. It is a most intelligent investment, whether you decide to sell, or simply profit from it.

Windows bring an original touch to your decor, but they are also a great way to increase the comfort of your home. You can then choose different types of windows according to your needs.
+ Frame and Sash
FRAME : PVC + Aluminium

WITHOUT Brick Molding
Simple opening

5-5 / 8 "(143mm)
6-3 / 4 "(171mm)
Double opening
4-1 / 2 "(114mm)
5-5 / 8 "(143mm)

WITHOUT Brick Molding
Single or Double opening

4-1 / 2 "(114mm)
5-5 / 8 "(143mm)

Sash Contemporain

+ Interior finish
Inside extension

Select Pine

PVC Coated Wood

PVC without groove

PVC with groove

interior finishing
+ Exterior finish

Brick molding
Exterior finish molding
Without« J »
« J »  Open 
Exterior base colors
Our paint rooms allow us to offer, in a controlled environment, an unlimited choice of colors, according to an application process that allows us to present to you, due to its resistance, an exclusive guarantee against flaking, cracks and cracking. Water-based paint, developed with the expertise of the Evotech company, we offer one of the best technologies on the market.

+ Barrotin and Grid

Aluminium Grids

+ Thermos

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE interlayer sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency, comfort and dimensional stability. Whatever the climate, its exceptional insulating properties ensure the optimal performance of windows of all shapes, which translates into energy savings.
Several choices of Glass
  • tempered glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Glass Color
  • Soundproof glass
+ Option and Configuration
Casement shape
Hung shape
+ Safety


Limiter safe
The window opening control device is a reliable solution for retirement homes and daycare centers. It meets the most stringent security requirements of today.

Fene-Tech  use inside sealed unit retaining bar for:
  • Intrusion safe
  • Easy replacement of sealed unit
  • For easy cleaning, the shutters sash windows can swing inward.
  • Triple weather-stripping system ensures air tightness and water.
  • Central interlocking system that improves sealing performance to air and the resistance to forced entry.
+ Warranty
Technical sheet

Product Care

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