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PVC Nuance

This rounded shape window is the right choice for a replacement project or your new home.

The Nuance window suitable for all needs and tastes in addition to offering high-performance thermal characteristics, with opening shutters and dimensions for all budgets. They are necessary for ventilation and allow daylight to penetrate. They also offer an aesthetic diversity that fits perfectly with a decor. By their dimensions and their positions in a wall, they create an atmosphere in a room that can be defined for a specific use.

Casement window

Awning window
The CASEMENT window opens outwards on a vertical axis. This window is the most common in Quebec. It is particularly used in residential type constructions. It is robust and adapts to all styles of homes. Whether your home is traditional, classic or contemporary, there are a multitude of possibilities.

The AWNING window is more and more popular in Quebec. Its configuration helps in visibility and ventilation in the design of buildings, among other things in the top of the wall, in the strip arrangement or in the kitchen between the countertop and the wall cabinets. It can be opened even on rainy days because it prevents water from entering.

The opening to the outside allows to clear the interior space for easier maintenance. These windows are used in the residential, commercial sector and have even become very trendy in contemporary homes. They are found everywhere.


  • Pure white PVC profile
  • Double wall for fixing the hardware ensuring long-term operation
  • Reinforcement of galvanized steel inside the mullion for large windows
  • Integrated “J” moldings for easy interior finishing
  • Sealed unit with double sealer
  • High performance midsole
  • Energy efficient Low-E Argon thermos
  • Meets the requirements of NAFS-08


  • Choice of frames
  • Choice of exterior moldings
  • Choice of interior finishes
  • Choice of tiles
  • Choice of surface barrotins
  • Choice of high performance glazing
  • (double glass or triple glass)
  • Choice of configurations
  • Possibility of adding an opening limiter


Windows are a great way to add color to your interior. That said, windows add a unique touch to your home, both inside and out.

Investing in good quality, aesthetic windows is a great way to transform your home. What's more, windows are a real asset. It is a most intelligent investment, whether you decide to sell, or simply profit from it.

Windows bring an original touch to your decor, but they are also a great way to increase the comfort of your home. You can then choose different types of windows according to your needs.
+ Frame and Sash

WITH Integrated Brick Molding

WITHOUT Brick molding

Colonial Sash

+ Interior finish
Inside extension

Select Pine

PVC Coated Wood

PVC without groove

PVC with groove

interior finishing
+ Exterior finish

PVC Brick moulding





9668G (Reno)

+ Barrotin and Grid

Aluminium Grids

+ Thermos

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE interlayer sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency, comfort and dimensional stability. Whatever the climate, its exceptional insulating properties ensure the optimal performance of windows of all shapes, which translates into energy savings.
Several choices of Glass
  • tempered glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Glass Color
  • Soundproof glass
+ Option and Configuration
Casement shape
Awning shape
+ Safety and Manufacturing Standard


Limiter safe
The SafeGard window opening control device is a reliable, easy-to-use solution that meets today's most stringent security requirements. 
Operating instructions (PDF)

Fene-Tech  use inside sealed unit retaining bar for:
  • Intrusion safety
  • Easy replacement of sealed unit
Multipoint lock with 3 locking points, already in stainless steel, included adjustment screw

  • Our shutter is equipped with a hinge allowing a large clearance, which allows you to clean the outside of your windows while remaining inside your home.
  • You will find a guide for the maintenance of your windows here (PDF) (In French only)

« Quali-Tech » Standard

  • Fene-tech uses a special process to give the sash a perfect contact all around the frame.
  • Triple wheater strips.
  • Soft corners
  • Steel reinforced mullion
+ Warranty
Technical sheet

Product Care

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