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The classic or traditional casement and awning window captivates at first glance. The elegance of the wood goes perfectly with the period house, giving it a rare distinction. Designed with the highest quality standards, this premium product of timeless value reflects your preferences and aspirations.

Fene-Tech is the exclusive dealer for doors and windows
Fene-Tech is the exclusive dealer for doors and windows

More and more people are concerned about taking “greener” actions. In this context, the wooden window is gaining popular favor, since this material, in addition to being durable, is environmentally friendly. Wood has a higher insulating capacity than PVC or aluminum. It's true, the wooden window requires rigorous maintenance if we want to maximize its lifespan. But with the new, more effective stains and paints, this maintenance is easier. Ultimately, the wooden window remains an incomparable aesthetic, ecological solution, protection for the environment and sustainable development.



  • Solid wood only, no laminated, jointed or plywood
  • Standard or custom profile
  • Excellent solidity thanks to the figured shutters which fit into each other
  • Double weatherstripping to ensure excellent waterproofing at all levels
  • Concealed tenons and mortises to maintain a classic look
  • 3/4 ″ sealed thermos


  • Choice of Western Red Cedar, White Oak or Mahogany.
  • Choice of exterior moldings or woodwork
  • Choice of dye
  • Choice of tiles
  • Choice of surface beams
  • Choice of high performance glazing
    (Triple, Low-E-Argon, Tempered or Laminated)
  • Choice of configurations
  • Possibility of adding an opening limiter

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